Mar 272020

By Martin Luenendonk

Happy workplaces are a myth.

If recent statistics released by the State of the Global Workplace are anything to go by, only 13% of respondents are happy at their workplace.

Why are work areas considered a den of despair?

How do you identify a healthy work environment?

Allow us at Cleverism to illustrate signs of a flourishing and harmonious workplace.


A happy workplace nurtures talent and promotes camaraderie between colleagues. It's a blissful place where top quality services and product excellence are achieved daily.

No micromanaging bosses.
No negative gossip.
Just pure productivity and team empowerment.

But can such a fantasy truly exist beyond the depths of our desires?

Of course, they do. However, a happy workplace is more than just a relaxed atmosphere for the average employee.

A positive workplace exhibits certain signs like the ones listed below.

1. A Positive Workplace Promotes Fearlessness

That's right. There's no reason to fear the wrath of your managers or feel discouraged by the harsh words of your boss.

A fear-based workplace causes employees to work without the ability to express themselves openly. No ideas are shared around and there is less chance of innovative collaboration between coworkers.

A work environment that encourages its team members to share their ideas openly and discuss matters without fear of repercussions from a senior member is truly a wonderland.

In 2018's World Economic Forum, CEOs from around the world confessed that a positive workplace is of utmost importance in the modern world. Creating the right environment for your employees to come up with creative ideas is critical in shaping business growth strategies.

IBM Studios have restructured their work studios to host collaborative areas for their employees to come up with fresh ideas and brainstorm during coffee sessions.

The president of Carnegie Mellon more

Source:: 10 Signs of a Positive Workplace

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