Sep 232017

By Martin

Everyone wants to be happy, yet no one seems to know how to do it. The act of being happy has sparked a lot of discussion and thousands of studies have been conducted trying to solve the problem with happiness.

Psychologists and scientists seem to have found the solution: little habits create big changes and lead to happiness.

Activities involving looking after your mind and your body can boost how fulfilled you feel. Furthermore, helping others and organizing your life can guarantee you find happiness.

So, let's get started with adding these 15 habits into your life – you'll be surprised at the power of these tiny changes.


Mind is where happiness comes from – if you want to feel more fulfilled and happy, you need to treat your mind. Here are the most efficient ways to do it and the habits you should aim to adopt.

1. Meditate to unplug

If you've been following the self-help industry at all in the past few years, you would have noticed the talk about meditation. The benefits of meditation are not just a fad – it can have a truly transformative impact on your life. Studies have found meditation or the act of quieting things around you to reduce anxiety and stress.

When you meditate, you become more aware of your emotions, making it easier to appreciate the good and control the bad. The practice of mindfulness or meditating has even been linked with better self-awareness and perspective – those annoying things might actually seem rather unimportant when you learn to meditate.

You don't even need to be a rocket scientist to start or have lots of free time to get started– you definitely don't need to buy a rope and move into the more

Source:: 15 Habits Psychologists Have Linked with Happiness

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