May 222015

for The Muse

When I was just starting out as a broadcast news reporter, a grizzled, veteran investigative reporter told me, "Congratulations on getting hired, kid, but don't get cocky; because you're not anybody in the news business until you're fired — twice."

Whether or not I ever became somebody in the news business is debatable; but, for the record, I was fired twice during the 10 years I worked as an on-air reporter and anchor.

Both times, what enabled me to overcome the stigma and humiliation of being canned can be summed up in one word — relationships. The relational approach to overcoming a "career bump" is showcased in a new career book titled Do Over by New York Times bestselling author Jon Acuff. In his book, he lists the four career transitions that every professional faces and the corresponding resources necessary to overcome each different transition.

So, whether you, too, have been fired or just presented with an interesting opportunity, read on to learn the best strategy to deal with your specific circumstance.

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