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How to Choose and Climb the Career Ladder

It’s rather common to find yourself in a job you don’t enjoy or simply discover yourself a bit lost about where you’re going professionally. At the same time, you probably have dreams of what you’d love to do, but you might not know how to go about achieving them.

Career Planning How to Choose and Climb the Career Ladder

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In these situations, career planning should be something to consider. In this guide, we’ll explain what career planning is and the steps you need to take to choose and climb the career ladder.


Career planning is a process, which helps you manage and understand your own learning and development. It’s a long-term process and you should focus on career planning throughout your career. It’s therefore, not a one-time plan, but a creation of a plan, which you can regularly update and re-evaluate.

Whilst you should regularly re-examine your career plan, there are a few occasions when it’s especially beneficial to do so.

  • When you are starting at university or other career school.
  • When you are about to finish your studies.
  • During your career, especially when you are training or taking extra courses.
  • During job changes, such as looking for new jobs or if you’ve lost your job.

Although career planning is a process best started when you’re still studying, you don’t need to feel it’s too late to start if you’re in the later stages of your career. Wherever you are in life in terms of your career, you can always give it a better sense of direction by venturing into career planning.

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