Sep 242017

By Anastasia

Being lazy is a wonderful feeling. The guilt of knowing you should probably be doing something more productive can be exhilarating. Laziness also isn't something to fully avoid – sometimes it really is for the best to rest for a bit and recharge those batteries.

Yet, laziness does also have an ugly side. Being lazy can easily snowball – if I haven't done the washing up in the previous three days, why shall I do it now – and your inactions can have serious consequences in your personal and work life.

What can you do when “I'll do it tomorrow” seems like the easier option and getting started feels like climbing Mount Everest? You can trick yourself out of being lazy by implementing these clever strategies and habits to your daily routine. These tricks work whether you're facing household chores or work problems.


Before I outline some tricks and ways you can stop your laziness in its tracks, it is helpful to consider spending time thinking what is causing you to be lazy.

Why are you putting off certain tasks? If you know the reason, you'll be better able to eliminate avoid the triggers that make you want to jump on the back of the couch.

When you notice yourself procrastinating or putting things off, stop for a minute and ask yourself:

  • Am I finding this task too difficult?
  • Do I feel I have too many things to do and I'm scared I don't have the time to finish them?
  • Am I scared of the consequences of failure or not being able to achieve the tasks?
  • Do I have zero energy to actually do anything?
  • Where is my motivation?

Answering these questions will help you find the root cause to laziness. Let's say you actually feel like there's no energy to do anything. Your diet or sleep routine might more

Source:: How to Trick Yourself Out of Being Lazy

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