Mar 272020

By Anastasia Belyh


The times are changing. In the past, the workplace was a place where a great number of people worked together towards a common goal, where everybody knew their positions and their assignments, and together worked to improve and upgrade each others' knowledge and skills, in addition to contributing to upstanding reputation of the firm and its upper management and employees.

Even though nowadays the same premise still exists and is strived towards, there is an interesting occurrence that is becoming more and more prominent. That occurrence is affairs between a boss and an employee.

There are many things that are linked with an affair in the workplace, some good, but most are not so good.

In further writing of the text, you will find more about the occurrence and prevalence of workplace affairs, what are the possible advantages and disadvantages of an affair between a boss or a member of an upper management team and an employee, and what to do if you are somehow linked in such workplace affair in any way, either being involved as a direct participant of an affair or a mere observer of one.


In the past, affairs or relationships between colleagues or employees who work in the same company were not popular or encouraged, due to the simple fact of the possible impact on the work and successes of the projects that it might have.

Nowadays, with the rise of more modern and forward-thinking companies, it is simply something that is not frowned upon, as long as both participants are aware that it should not have an impact on their work.

In a nutshell, the majority of employees who are approached at work, in an affair sense, are of the female gender, mostly approached by their male colleagues.

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Source:: Sleeping with the Boss: Affairs, Love & Sex in Numbers

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