Oct 292017

By Martin

Have you ever wondered what makes human beings react in the way they do? Imagine how powerful you would become if you had the ability to accurately predict how people would react in different scenarios.

With this ability, you would most likely end up a rich car salesman who knows just what to say and do to make customers buy.

Human beings are curious by nature and we will always have a tendency to look for the reason behind why people act the way they do. When your set foot into a car yard looking to buy a car, you are bombarded with a number of options. Sometimes, you might even find two closely similar cars on display. After all has been said and done, you will only pick one car.

The same is true about work assignments. When you are given a task, you will usually have different possible approaches that you can take. However, you will only end up picking one approach.

What could have motivated you to react to the stimulus in the way you did? What could have driven you to choose a specific car from dozens of cars in the yard? What influenced your decision-making process that you went through to arrive at a final decision?

Certainly, one of the most difficult things to get a firm and full handle on is human behavior. It certainly doesn't help that individuals are unique in their own ways, and that they cannot be boxed in categories especially when it comes to behavior. Not all people react in the same way, or behave in the same manner, even under the exact same circumstances. There are various factors at play, and these are what psychologists and thinkers have been trying to study and make sense of in the past few decades.

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Source:: Theory of Planned Behavior

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