Apr 142020

By Anastasia Belyh

Source: Good Life Protection

Have you ever had feelings of sadness?

Were they a sign that you were suffering from depression?

If they were, was it then just depression or manic depression?

These two mental conditions can be quite confusing, especially since they both have the word “depression” as part of their names.

These two conditions are indeed different. They also share some symptoms though the shared symptoms are those of one condition—depression.

Manic depression has all the symptoms of depression while depression has none of those of manic depression. To be diagnosed with manic depression, you must first be diagnosed with depression.

Depression is also known as clinical depression or major depressive disorder whereas manic depression is also known as bipolar disorder.

More people are using the names “Clinical Depression” and “Bipolar Disorder” in order to avoid confusion between the two conditions.

A Quick Glance at the Major Differences

Reading through the article will give you more details about the differences between these two. But for a quick memory note, here are four you can easily grasp:

  • Manic depression is characterized by episodes of mania whereas depression is not
  • Manic depression is bipolar while depression is unipolar (more details in the manic depression section)
  • Depression patients are more than manic depression patients
  • Depression is treated using anti-depressant drugs while manic depression is treated using anti-seizure drugs


Depression is a mental condition which can cause you to experience emotional lows. You can also experience feelings of anxiety as well as helplessness and hopelessness.

These lows are sometimes mild but at times strong. They often cause an inability to do the tasks you would normally do. If you're able to do them, it will be a struggle.

In extreme cases, since depression is deep, it can interfere with everyday life and if left untreated, can result in suicide.

Here is how the ...read more

Source:: What’s the Difference Between Depression and Manic Depression?

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