Apr 272020

By Martin Luenendonk

Source: https://www.marketingsherpa.com

As their name says, the email lists are basically lists of email addresses, mainly collected from people who visit websites searching for the topics of their interest or solutions to their problems.

Those lists are then used in marketing for the distribution of newsletters.

Have you ever subscribed to an email newsletter on a website?

Most of us did.

It's that tiny square, mostly on the bottom of the web page offering some juicy deals, and the only information they ask is your email.

Whether you were offered a free e-book, free lessons or huge discounts, you couldn't resist finding out what it was. If so, congratulations, you're part of someone's email list.

There might be the updates you were looking for that you get when you open your mailbox. This option can seem very handy when you don't want to visit the same websites over and over wasting your time – just getting updates or discounts from those you were interested in.

But these days more probably you're receiving dozens of spam emails that you were not expecting while typing your email address on that website.

In fact, you might find out how you‘ve never left your information to a particular person/company, and now you're receiving their offers or basically spam trash emails.

How did that happen?

An email list your address belongs to was probably shared or sold to another company, who then used it for selling their own products and spamming 24/7.

And that happens quite often. But sooner or later they'll find out that bought lists are just a waste of money and time, especially used for the promotion of something new.

In this article, we'll explain to you why those who buy email lists fail at reaching people and advertising their product, as well as how to do it the better way with no additional costs.

If you ...read more

Source:: Why Buying Email Lists is Always a Bad Idea (And How to Build Yours for Free)

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