Nov 132017

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A lot of recent graduates, especially the most ambitious and talented ones, are dreaming of finding the perfect job right after college. They are looking for a position which would provide them not only with huge salaries but also career opportunities, recognition, and self-fulfillment at once.

However, this is so difficult to achieve that the odds are somewhere around one in a few hundred thousand. But our goal in this article is not to tell you that you will hardly get a dream job after graduation. On the contrary, our mission is to reveal that finding your dream job after college is actually a bad thing for you.

Although it sounds completely counterintuitive, it is really the truth in the vast majority of cases. Keep reading our article and you will find out why.


There are many reasons why you should not be disappointed if you don't find an outstanding job right after graduation. According to HR experts at Aussiewritings, none of these reasons alone is big enough to slow you down but the combination of a few factors can really make a big impact on your professional development later on.

This is especially important for the generation of Millennials as more than 90% of them expect to stay in a job for less than three years. In such circumstances, young workers need to know why it is bad to do some things in the early stages of their careers.

One such mistake is to find the best job immediately. Below you will find a list of the 8 most important reasons why it is not good to chase the dream job after graduation.

Reason 1. It prevents more

Source:: Why Finding Your Dream Job after Graduation is a Bad Thing

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